The Boy On The Right Refuses To Take His Mom’s Hand…Watch What The Pit Bull Did!

There’s no denying that service animals that give therapy to people with health issues can have an amazing impact on the humans that they help, and this video will show you one beautiful example of that. On this clip, you’ll see how a mother explains the impact that her dog had on her son, and it’s enough to bring me to tears in an instant. It’s just impossible not to be touched by such an enticing situation.

Amanda, the woman in the video, is the mother of Joey, a boy who started growing up differently since he was very little, at just 3 years of age. Amanda noticed that the boy simply wasn’t as affectionate and social as other children of his age, and by the time he reached age 7, he was diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. His mom recalls how he never wanted to be with anybody else, and he found it very difficult to open up to anyone.

As he reached his teenage years, Joey showed interest in having a dog friend. Amanda found a post made by a shelter on Facebook, showing a Pit bull, Roxy, who needed a home. She got her right away, and when Roxy and Joey met, it was love at first sight.

Watch this wonderful friendship that shows dogs know no bounds, in the video right below!

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