The Boy On The Right Won’t Take His Mom’s Hand…Watch What The Pit Bull Did!

Service animals for people with disabilities can have a tremendous positive impact on their lives and the lives of their families. This dog in this video is one example of the positive change they can offer a family. In this clip, a mother explains the positive affect her Pit Bull had on her son. He has an incredible transformation.

The woman in the video is Amanda and her young son is Joey. When he was about three years old, Amanda noticed he was a bit different from other children his age. He wasn’t affectionate or social like other children and preferred to be alone and not to be touched. By the age of seven, he was diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. His mother remembers what he was like at that age and how he found it very difficult to be around other people and didn’t open up to anyone.

As a teenager, Joey started showing an interest in dogs and possibly having a dog as a friend. Amada saw a Facebook post about a Pit Bull named Roxy who needed a forever home, and she just knew Roxy would be Joey’s best friend. She was right.

Watch this wonderful friendship that shows dogs know when they’re needed.

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