Boy Sees A Sick Girl On Jumbotron. He Does Something That Leaves Entire Stadium In Tears

Kids can show us great displays of compassion. Children do not believe in things like discrimination, they are taught that. A child can see a person for who he is not for who he pretends to be. There is a saying in Latin American countries that goes: “children and drunk people always tell the truth.” There is a reason for this.

Children are not afraid to speak their mind and tell you how they see things. I remember a story of a young man who wanted a certain toy for Christmas. He had even started to save money for it. When Christmas came, he asked Santa Claus for the gift and surely, he got it. He would play with this toy every single day. He would always lend the toy to his friends. He would sleep with the toy, eat with the toy and even shower with the toy. One day, he sees a little boy who is alongside his father.

They are very poor and are looking for something to eat from the garbage. When the boy sees this, he gets very sad. “Why do people have to eat from the garbage?” He asked his father later. For him, it was inconceivable that having food in his refrigerator, he would watch people eat from the garbage. The next time the poor man and his son stopped by, he would be ready for them. He asked them to wait, he went inside his home and made sandwiches for them. When he finished, he gave them the sandwiches and even gave the little boy his favorite toy.

There was another case of a group of children that had a special school project. They were supposed to build a very tiny house and then give it away. Once they built it, they had the problem of where to put it. They found the perfect person to give it to. The person would be a veteran and his wife who were living in poverty. They gave them the little house they built. The organizer of a tiny house Festival was so moved by the kid’s actions that he donated a tiny house himself. The war veteran was moved when he realized everything got started with the children’s idea.

One day at a hockey game the Jumbotron was showing the audience. Among them was a young man that had recently won a signed hockey stick. They were giving him the hockey stick when they switched cameras and focused on a little girl and her sign. She was receiving chemo for her cancer and was very happy to appear in the Jumbotron. When the young boy sees her, he goes up to her and gives her his hockey stick. Everyone in the audience was moved because he had just given away something very precious to him.

After the game, both families got together and talked about what had happened. The team was so impressed by the boy’s actions, that they decided to give him another signed hockey stick. The boy couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw it. His expression says that all.