Boy Stands Near Water In Bay. I Couldn’t Believe What Came Out To Greet Him.

Most of the time when we stand by the water at the ocean or a bay, we just see a calm surface. We know that there are things swimming under there – perhaps we see some minnows swimming by, or some crabs. Maybe even a sand shark or two. The really big creatures tend to be further out. But sometimes the big ones come closer to shore than we know. That’s why this video here is so cool.

We see a boy smacking the water from some steps that descend into the water. There’s nothing for a couple of seconds and then a black creature raises its head out of the water – it’s a stingray. The boy shoves some food into the ray’s mouth. This goes on for a while, with other boys and girls joining him for the fun and a boat even comes by with more food for the rays. It looks like such a blast.

There are those who think that these rays are just there because they know that they are being fed. Sure, that might be part of it – they certainly have been there before and will be there again, but there is a level of friendship. It’s evident when we see the boy rubbing the top of the ray’s head and the ray oscillates his sides in seeming pleasure. The ray could just eat and then dive again, but that doesn’t happen. There is a connection.

Stingrays and other types of rays are generally very gentle and curious creatures. They are NOT vicious. The unfortunate death of Steve Irwin, a TV personality and animal handler, was because he was careless and wound up swimming directly above one, making it think that he was a predator and a threat. People who are careful are in no danger. If they are walking in water where these reside, they should shuffle their feet… that will warn the ray that something is coming well in advance.

The only experience I’ve had with stingrays is seeing them behind glass at an aquarium. They look like they would be fun to swim with! With the proper precautions, of course. Have you ever swam with one? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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