A boy with down syndrome sees a mysterious box on the front porch. Inside is a huge surprise!

If you had at least one sibling growing up, then you’ll understand just how deep the bond that brothers have. For many of them, it is something that goes far beyond than blood, it’s almost a spiritual connection. Back in the day, it was thought that this type of feeling was something that only twins shared. But after so many cases and research on the subject, it has been proven that there’s even more to it than meets the eye.

Brothers might end up living in different cities, but the love and connection are still there. Many brothers are able to feel or dream that something is not wrong, then call the other brother only to find out that something had indeed happened. It doesn’t matter what they must do to make it better, brothers will always have each other’s back.

There have been cases of brothers and sisters who grew up without knowing of each other’s existence. They have connected through social media and reunited after all those years. A few days later, everything between them is as if they had never lost connection. One of these cases became very well-known because of social media.

Tom Doerr left his home in the United Kingdom and moved to the United States last year. He went to follow his dreams but left behind his brother in the process. He and his little brother with Down Syndrome had always been best friends. They did everything together and according to their parents, they seemed like twins for the most part. They loved to do the same things. After this move, Tom was not able to spend any time with his younger brother Ollie.

Ollie’s life has been a quiet one. He was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome and made his first attempt at living on his own after his brother left. For Ollie, this was a completely unique way of living. Nevertheless, found himself thinking of his brother often and missing him terribly. He didn’t know but the feeling was definitely mutual.

Because Tom has been living overseas for a while, Ollie started to prepare himself for a Christmas without his brother. This would be the first Christmas that they would be apart. What Ollie didn’t know was that there was a surprise that was heading his way. It was in the form of an unexpected package delivery. The delivery man had left it on his front step. Ollie is quite puzzled since he has no idea of what it might be. When he opens it, he can’t help but cry!