Boy with one leg befriends puppy with missing paw

A puppy born with three legs joins a family with a young boy whose leg had to be amputated because he was born prematurely.

In Waconia, Minnesota, Paxton Williams was born rather prematurely. Due to this circumstance, they had to have his leg amputated because of infection.

He is growing up happy and healthy, getting used to his one prosthetic leg. The stars aligned when nearby a puppy was born with only three paws.

Marvel is a Golden Retriever puppy, and the breeder believed she had a great destiny ahead of her. She wanted Marvel to go to a family who would love and appreciate her support.

When Paxton’s parents brought Marvel to their home, she and Paxton became best friends right away. Together they took on the world by storm.

They take walks together, and when Paxton was telling his friends about Marvel he would talk about how she was just like him. Not weak or anything like that, merely different.

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