Boys choir performs head-bobbing version of “The Little Drummer Boy”

Drakensberg Boys Choir from South Africa enjoys an international reputation. Their music extends beyond borders and has impressed music lovers worldwide. Recently, the group came up with their video of “The Little Drummer Boy,” leaving everyone breathless.

Their fantastic version of this Christmas carol had a hint of rock and roll and a lot of African souls. “The Little Drummer Boy,” a popular Christmas carol, was written by Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941. However, it gained popularity in 1958 when Harry Simone’s version was released.

Several versions of the song are sung by Boney M, Justin Bieber, and many other celebrated singers. However, Drakensberg Boys Choir’s rendition would surely get the listeners’ heads bobbing and their feet tapping to the beat of the drums.

The video is very unique. It begins with the boys’ choir group dressed in Neon printed t-shirts and trousers. The t-shirts had South African maps printed on them, and they danced to the beat of the drums.

The colorful lights and the rock music made it look like the boys were at a concert. Kids of all ages participated in singing the carol. Everyone cheered and enjoyed dancing to the song. The choir singers sang beautifully with candles in their hands, praising the lord.

The drums, the orchestra, and the overall look of the video gave the song a modern feel. It was a very innovative way to combine religious songs with modern-day music. Again, the kids have done an excellent job.

The kids had practiced a lot to get everything perfect. Glimpses of them practicing with their teachers showed that everyone at the school gave 100% effort and did excellent work during their performance.

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Boys choir performs head-bobbing version of \