Boy’s tearful first time hearing mom’s voice after life-changing surgery

A four-year-old boy, Sawyer Moreau’s life changed forever when he underwent a Cochlear implant surgery. Sawyer was born with hearing loss due to an uncommon genetic condition called Pendred Syndrome.

As a result, he found it challenging to interact with his family and those around him. Finally, after a four-hour surgery, the little boy hears his family’s voices for the first time. Sawyer’s response to hearing his family’s voice is touching.

He looks up and begins to smile, clap, and give high-fives as soon as he hears his mother and father say “hello” and “I love you.” Christina Lenglin, Sawyer’s mother, is overcome with joy when her son responds to her voice.

In a recent interview with one of the news channels, she says, “It was pure magic just to know he could finally hear his name, sing with us, and participate in the hearing world with us. That’s amazing.” It was a moment of pure joy and love for the family.

Pendred Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that can cause early hearing loss in children. According to the National Institutes of Health, it can also affect their balance. Sawyer’s younger brother, Tucker, also has Pendred Syndrome and will need Cochlear implants when he is old enough.

Cochlear implants are little electrical devices that benefit hearing-impaired individuals to understand sounds and speech. They are not hearing aids and do not restore normal hearing. Still, they help them understand the environment around them. Sawyer’s implant was successful, and he can now fully enjoy the world with sound.

In contrast to earlier, Sawyer can now dance to the music he hears and interact with his family in a new way. Anything is possible with current technology, and Sawyer’s tale serves as a reminder.

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Boy\'s tearful first time hearing mom\'s voice after life-changing surgery