This Boy’s Struggle With His Shoelaces Was Solved By This Awesome Kind Act!

Life as a child can seem easy and beautiful for anyone. Almost any person that you can find remembers their childhood as probably the best years that they spent on Earth. But being a little kid isn’t so easy for anyone. And you don’t need to be diseased or with a special ability limitation to go through this hardship. Asher, the little boy in the video below, is barely in kindergarten himself, and he’s already going through very tough hardships himself. At the time of the video’s recording, his official autism diagnosis was still pending, so his parents couldn’t quite put him on special education just yet.

Since he doesn’t have a diagnosis yet, the system can only do so much for him. And as if that wasn’t enough to make the situation hard for him, he has been having a lot of trouble with shoes lately. As you probably already know, people with autism might seem to have and extraordinary capacity to understand and do things that people regularly struggle with, but in the same way, they can have problems with things that neurotypic people can consider very easy, or even trivial. Thankfully, Asher’s school and his teacher did something amazing to help him, despite having no obligation to do it at all.

You can watch his full story for yourself right below.

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