Brad Paisley’s Wife, Kimberly, Tells The Unusual Story Of How They Met. So ADORABLE!

There’s nothing quite as romantic as love at first sight. But what if only one of the people can see the other? That’s how Brad Paisley first encountered his wife, Kimberly Williams. Brad went to the movies, settled in for a film, and there she was, up on the silver screen.

Kimberly, an actress, was playing her memorable role in the 1991 comedy Father of the Bride. Paisley felt himself drawn to her, despite the obvious distance. He was sitting right next to his girlfriend at the time, but once the two broke up, he went solo to see Kimberly in the sequel to Father of the Bride in 1995.

Brad couldn’t get Kimberly out of his head after that. He later told Good Housekeeping Magazine that “she seems like a great girl — smart and funny and all those things that are so hard to find.”

Kimberly explained how the two finally met when she went on the Meredith Vieira show in 2015. “He swears, it had never happened before, he woke up one day and decided he wanted to call me,” she said.

Kimberly surprised herself by agreeing to go out with him. She later appeared in his music video for the song “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song).”Despite their relationship starting in an unorthodox way, Kimberly says they fell for each other fast. The two were engaged after dating for only eight months!

Watch Kimberly’s full interview in the video below!

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