When Braden, a Precious Toddler Walking Down the Aisle, You’ll Never Believe How He’s Greeted!

Weddings will forever be stressful. There’s such a massive list of things to do! Tasting every bit of delicious food, making sure it is worthy to be served at your fabulous wedding. How to arrange your family members and friends to avoid fights. The amount of planning, the effort it takes and the sheer amount of coordination can lead anyone to feel overwhelmed. In these times, it’s always good to have a shoulder to lean on. A person that’ll have your back and guide your emotional state through the maze of marriage. It’s also good to have someone who is happy just to be there.

The gorgeous ceremony begins with a bang! Little Braden Mayer makes his entrance and nails it! Everyone stops and turns, the angelic music in the background seems appropriate, as this darling boy makes his way from one end to the other. Girls are turning to him and covering their mouths by how handsome he looks. He sports his Sunday Best for the ceremony. He clearly made the right choice, his suspenders and bow tie only seem to benefit his already charming attitude. I even think I saw a woman throw her number at him!

For this momentous day of joy and blessings, he decided he would not only make an appearance, moreover and to the point, he would do it in style. It seems like his slick moves and the way he effortlessly glides down the aisle just comes naturally. There’s a bit of me that feels as though he kind of rushes a bit, almost as if to get it over with. If swooning the women at weddings doesn’t work out for him, he could probably be a linebacker or some sort of sports player. The speed he achieves alone would make for quite the unstoppable force.

This is one adorable story and the payoff is so worth it. When you see Braden, you will be overcome with love. I know I clapped. Share this beautiful story with a friend or family member. Reminisce about a wedding. Make a connection today!


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