Brain Damaged Child Meets His Dog Buddy For The First Time. You’ll Be Shocked By His Story!

Tragedy can strike even when you least expect it, and that’s a reality that no human can ever really expect, for sure. This is a reality that Caleb Howard had to face, when he was only 6 years old. Caleb was involved in a head-on car crash that left him with brain injuries and broken bones, and he had very little chances of fully recovering. Doctors didn’t know what to expect, and his family had no guarantee that he would even make it at all.

He managed to pull through, but he never got to be the same again. To try and help him in the best way that they could, his parents decided to give him a therapy dog so that he could have the company and constant help that he needed and deserved, and from man’s best friend, to top it all. In the following video, you can see how their relationship progressed amazingly, and I’m sure that you’ll find it hard to believe when you see it!

Caleb was able to recover very quickly thanks to the help of Colonel, his amazing service dog. Thanks to him, he was able to take everything back little by little, and it’s very touching to watch it.

Don’t miss this beautiful story, in the video right below.

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