Most people get it wrong on their first try: How many 8’s are hidden in this image?

This is a test of your brain-eye coordination. Most people can solve this if they have all day,  but the thing is, you only have 10 seconds.  The time limit causes most people to fail the challenge on their first try.

This task requires only a few seconds of your time, but it does require you to concentrate intensely while completing it.  So, set your timer for 10 seconds and get ready to count the number eights hidden in this array of letter B’s.

Be aware that most people do not get the answer correctly within the time limit. Now the pressure is on.  Are you up for the challenge? Set your mental timer and get ready, get set, and GO!

Brain-teaser puzzleWhen you are finished, you can check the answer key below to see how you did.

Finding relaxing but invigorating activities to take a mental break from the strain of hard work can be difficult.  One quick but effective way is to solve a quick puzzle or brain teaser.

Mindteasers are a great way to take a break and exercise your mind with a task that is very different from your daily work.  And when you throw in a timing element, the challenges deepens.

Let’s see how you did! As we said previously, very few folks can get this right due to only having 10 seconds.  I must admit that I didn’t quite manage to spot them all, not even in 20 seconds.

Brainteaser - how many can you find? Answer Key

How did you do? Did you do better than me? I thought here were exactly eight 8’s — I missed the one on the upper right corner.  That was a lot harder than it looks! Share this brainteaser with your friends.

Most people get it wrong on their first try: How many 8’s are hidden in this image?