A Brand New Dog Killer Is Hiding In Your Backyard According to Veterinarians

We all know dogs absolutely adore playing outside. Whether they’re floating in the pool, splashing around in the mud, or rolling around the grass, these energetic pups never tire from exploring the great outdoors. Unfortunately, there can be some pretty dangerous risks that come along with letting your pooch roam freely.

Veterinarians are warning puppy owners about a new danger from the outside world. These experts are reporting that you should keep your dogs away from foxtail grass! The grass is known to cause all sorts of damage to dogs’ feet, stomachs, eyes, noses, and skin, leaving your pooch in pretty bad shape.

Seed awns are the most dangerous parts of the plants, as these awns are little needles that work hard to ensure that seeds get planted. This means the needles can get implanted pretty deeply in your pooch’s skin, so you’ll want to keep them far away from this harmful plant. Nobody wants to see their precious pet in pain!

If your pup does encounter a dangerous situation while running through the fields, be sure to seek out medical attention immediately so as to make sure your dog gets the care they need to be healthy, happy, and pain-free. We have to keep our pups safe, and part of that is being conscious of the unsafe plants and foods that surround us on a daily basis. If they cross paths with something dangerous, who knows what could happen!

It’s important to keep our families safe and out of harm’s way. Of course, that includes our beloved pets! Be sure to watch the clip so that you know exactly what to look out for when you go for a stroll with your furry friends. Share this warning with your fellow puppy parents and leave your thoughts in the comment section down below!