Brand New House Is A Funny Construction Fail. Good Luck Getting The Car In That Garage

Clemmons, North Carolina, a town near Winston-Salem, has a brand-new house with a hilarious construction fail. The driveway leads to the side of the house, not the garage! To get the car into the garage, you’d need to drive up over the curb and then across the lawn.

We really don’t know how this happened. It’s unlikely that this was some sort of ironic architectural statement. It’s just a normal house in an ordinary town, not the work of some zany avant-garde architect. However, it is possible the error happened at the architect’s office. Maybe someone using the drafting software made a cut-and-paste error. Contractors often build exactly what’s on the blueprint. They assume that the architect checked everything twice and certainly doesn’t want to hear from a contractor calling to ask, “Are you sure that’s how it’s supposed to be?” So the contractors just shrug their shoulders and say to themselves, “It’s crazy but that’s what they want.”

This construction fail became a sensation on the internet and the story was picked up by the television news program “Inside Edition.” They interviewed Josh Flagg, a real estate agent and co-host of Bravo’s reality TV show “Million Dollar Listing.” He simply said, “I would tear it down.” That’s a little extreme: after all, it would be easy enough to tear up the original driveway and build a new one. However, Flagg’s comment demonstrates this house’s ability to instantly disgust any real estate professional.

We’ve posted the “Inside Edition” story below. We don’t know if this hilarious error ended up being fixed. If the previous work is anything to go by, the contractor will probably jack the house up and turn it 90 degrees rather than simply build a new driveway!

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