Brantley Gilbert’s smash hit ‘Bottoms Up’ gets the party started

Brantley Gilbert has made his mark on country music with rock-inspired jams that inspire living it up. His second album, ‘Just as I Am’ features the infectious single ‘Bottoms Up,’ which became a number one record.

Brantley Gilbert

Brantley’s ‘Bottoms Up’ video performance is inventive and centers around the prohibition times. In the 1920s, Prohibition began in the U.S., which outlawed the sale and consumption of alcohol. This led to the production and sale of illegal moonshine.

Brantley Gilbert and his crew are busy trafficking moonshine during the performance as the video begins. They load the jars in crates and barrels, then they transport the illegal brew to a party.

Brantley Gilbert

As they drive classic cars down dirt roads, two gunmen stand on the sides of the vehicles like armed guards. Brantley sings verse 1 while the crew moves the moonshine.

They arrive at a mansion and unload. Brantley and his band set up and start the party by rocking out in full concert. When your band has a drummer with a bleach blonde mohawk, you know you’re going to rock!

Brantley Gilbert

The crew begins leaving the party, but they are being tailed by a sheriff who plans to end Brantley’s career as a criminal. He stalks him into his garage, and he’s about to deliver a shotgun blast. Brantley turns around, drawing two pistols, and the screen goes black.

In real life, Brantley loves writing hit songs, but he also spends time entertaining the troops overseas. He’s married with children, but he continues to rock his country lifestyle on each recording and live performance.

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