Brave dog with multiple injuries undergoes jaw-dropping transformation

Brave rescued dog

A dog named Richie was found lying in the snow, injured and desperately waiting for help. The dog is in a sorry state with extensive wounds and freezing in the snow.

Brave rescued dog

The dog was rescued just in good time to get him professional help and spare his life. The dog was unable to move and must have been lying there helplessly for a long time.

The rescuers immediately offered the dog first aid and transferred it to the vet. Despite being unsure of the surroundings, the dog was in safe hands and ready to receive the best care possible.


An x-ray examination revealed that the dog’s stomach was full of chicken bones, and he had a broken spine and a broken leg. These medical challenges called for urgent surgery – a 3-hour procedure in theatre.

After making the initial post-surgery recovery, the dog can be seen happy and barking to recognize its new friends. The dog seemed to be thanking his new friends for the medical help.

Brave rescued dog

The dog now has a wheelchair to help it move around and even play. The dog is cheerful and happy to enjoy its new surroundings as it makes a full recovery.

Richie has gained weight and become a healthy and stronger dog by following a good diet supplemented with nutrients and vitamins. He has found a new home and lots of love.

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