Brave dog stays back to protect goats from wildfires and days later owner finds them all alive

When fire gets out of control, it can be the most devastating and costly disaster we can face, destroying everything in its path and claiming lives in the process. The wildfires in California are no exception, wiping out more than 200,000 acres in their wake. As you might expect with that figure, significant numbers of humans and animals were displaced when this tragedy struck. But thankfully, some stories had a happy ending.

Roland Hindel’s property and land were directly in the path of the onrushing wildfires and because of the behavior of fire, many people had to leave their homes at a moments notice. Such was the speed in which the rampant flames and smoke took hold. Roland and his family were not the only ones to have to flee in a heartbeat, often leaving the things they loved behind. Unfortunately, Roland’s dog was one of them – but there was a reason for it.

Odin is a Great Pyrenees and it’s in his very nature to look after other creatures, human and animal. The brave dog refused to leave behind the family’s goat heard, and although Roland attempted to get Odin to safety, the animal just wouldn’t budge. Time had run out and the family had to heart-breakingly leave their animals behind.

When the destruction was over and the fires had finally died down, Roland and his family returned to see what was left of their property. Unfortunately, there was little left of their material possessions with their house burned to the ground. Then, astonishingly, they discovered Odin was alive, and not only that, but all 8 of the goats were alive too! And there was even a baby deer alive that Odin had brought under his protection in a truly remarkable turn of events!

Odin has guided his group of charges through the fire, and while he’d singed his fur and his paws were burned, he’d managed to save all the other animals. Now that’s a hero in the truest sense of the word!

The animals were quickly taken to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to have veterinary care and a temporary home. Not only that, but in the wake of the disaster and once Odin’s story got out, people donated over $70,000 to help this heroic pooch and his family. Even after such a tragedy, there can be hope. Especially if a dog like Odin is involved! Don’t miss his incredible story in the link below.