Brave Hedgehog Gives Birth. When You See Coco Courageously Embrace Motherhood, I Was Speechless!

The circle of life is an amazing thing indeed. With all the different patterns of mating, from salmon to platypus, beavers to zebras, every animal has similarities and has vast differences. With some animals, hospitals are necessary for delivering the offspring. If a hospital isn’t where you decide to go, then hopefully they are as resourceful as hedgehog.

One porcupines journey through motherhood has led her to this very moment of amazing birth!
Any animal birth kind of amazes us, now a days with all the advances in technology, a lot of people have decided that hospital is probably the best idea. Yet for an animal such as the hedgehog it can really shatter your whole perspective of animals giving birth in captivity. Or of childbirth in general.

Coco’s journey through motherhood is certainly an amazing trip. Unknown to her adoptive mom Elaine, the hedgehog was already six months pregnant when she rescued her from an adoption agency. She realized quickly after she had her first baby that Coco was definitively pregnant.
The way this mother takes care of her children, really blew me away. It seems Elaine Wong uploaded this amazing moment between nature and the circle of life where one mother finds herself in the middle of birthing out her second child. After the birth of the second happens, mama makes sure that the young whining babe gets as cleaned up as she can. Yet just when they think it’s all over, you won’t believe what happens with this mama!

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