Brave Horse Handler Takes Off The Reins. But When She Starts Running, My Jaw Dropped

There are so many different things about animals that just amaze us. I mean really when you think about it they truly are fascinating creatures. That’s why it really is no surprise that there are people who dedicate their entire life to studying and observing animals. It is from those dedicated individuals that we have learned as much as we have about animals and their behaviors.

This video is about one particular animal. It is about a horse named Pepita. Horses in general have always held us captivated. While horses and humans have always had a close relationship there is just something so striking about them that we are left in awe.

Horses are so large and regal there is something very proud about them and they are extremely intelligent animals. I think that it is because of this intelligence that people are really interested in them, it doesn’t help that horses like Pepita are beyond gorgeous to look at.

Pepita is the reigning Polish National Senior Champion Mare and her breeding and bloodlines are impeccable. She was trained by some of the best handlers in the world, something that is more than apparent in this video. Pepita was recently sold at auction for over $1 million, can you believe that? You will be stunned at how fluidly this horse moves, we know we sure were!

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