Brave House Cat Stares Off A Wild Mountain Lion! THIS Guy Does Not Mess Around!

If you’re a pet owner yourself, you’re probably already accustomed to waking up very late in the night, or in the early morning, thanks to your animal friends’ mishaps and adventures. Their nature makes them become alert or hyperactive even at times when humans never would, and this can make for some very interesting situations. Even if domestic animals like cats and dogs are already completely tamed and used to living in peace with humans, their old natural instinct still kicks in from time to time, and it mostly makes them play, but also do amazing things, like the cat in the following video.

A man hears a strange noise coming from inside the house, and it was easy to guess that the cat was somehow behind it, but he surely did not expect him to find facing off a much bigger mountain lion from outside the house! The stare off happened thanks to the glass door that leads to the house’s backyard, and even though the big cat is completely wild, this little kitten is not intimidated by him at all! What a brave kitty, he’s so adorable!

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