This Brave K9 Was Nearly Killed While Protecting His Partner On Duty. Don’t Miss His Amazing Bravery!

It goes without saying we love dogs. We love them as if they are family members and so it is no surprise that we are always welcoming them into our lives, they are the best additions. Dogs are wonderful additions to any family but families aren’t the people who love and depend on dogs.

Dogs make incredible pets, something that many of us know already. We bring them into our families and love them as an honorary member and expect everyone else too as well. Dogs bring a certain quality to our family life and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s no secret that dogs are used in different divisions regarding law enforcement and even the armed forces. Dogs, while they make amazing pets, are also extremely intelligent animals and are able to help people with jobs that they wouldn’t be able to do as well without them. We’re talking about police dogs and dogs that help assist people with jobs that are very dangerous.

That is how we came to meet Bruno the German Shepherd. Bruno works as a police dog and has been with his handler for a little over six years now. Bruno is so dedicated to not just his job but also his partner that Bruno actually put himself into the line of fire to prevent his human from getting hurt.

Bruno suffered multiple gun shots, one to the face, but luckily they were able to rush him to an emergency vet hospital and perform emergency surgery on him. We are happy to announce that Bruno is expected to make a full recovery and because of the extent of his injury the police force is allowing him to retire early. Bruno will be taken home and adopted by his handler to spend out his days living the good life as a retired police dog.

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