Brave Little Girl’s Unconventional Rescue Mission for Missing Toys

There are plenty of unfortunate reasons to call 911. However, 6-year-olds may accidentally use the number for their own perceived emergency. That’s precisely what happened when a young girl lost her toys!

Addie Cooper is a 6-year-old girl who discovered her toys were missing. She did the unthinkable, calling 911 to report the situation. Addie is utterly adorable on the call, and the dispatcher is compassionate about Addie’s situation and mistake.

On the call, Addie says, “Hello, some of my toys are missing.” The dispatcher says, “What toys are you missing, sweetheart?” Addie replies, “My Barbie,” The dispatcher responds, “Your Barbies are gone?” Addie says, “Yes, and my Baby Shark toys.”

Addie says, “I think a bandit stole them. Will you find them?” The dispatcher asks, “Where is your mommy at?” Addie explains that her mother is unaware in the shower.

When the interviewer asks Addie how she knew to call 911 in an emergency Addie responds, “My mama told me, duh!” It turns out the bandit was Addie’s own mother, who took the toys to the thrift shop without telling her daughter.

While there are many accidental calls to 911 each year, none are as cute as Addie’s funny incident. She honestly needed help because her toys were stolen, and little did she know that her mother was the thief.

The dispatcher helped solve the case while calmly assisting Addie with patience and care. It isn’t every day that a 911 call features a 6-year-old and missing Barbie dolls. Everything worked out in the end, but Addie might have a few words for her mother once she realizes she was the thief.

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Brave Little Girl\'s Unconventional Rescue Mission for Missing Toys