Brave little pig escapes a truck to save her life

We frequently hear the passage, always be good to animals because we don’t know what they’re going through and that our kindness might be their way to be saved.

Basically, it’s not uncommon for us to see an abused or abandoned animal on a street, but to see a homeless pig along the highways is quite unusual.

This is the case of Bubbles, a rescued piglet. She was found by a couple along the side roads helpless and waiting for miracle assistance.

Since it’s not common to see a pig along the road, the couple assumed that this pig jumped off a truck to save herself from possible danger.

A couple decides to take her home for a temporary shelter. Unexpectedly, she becomes a friend of the couple’s Labrador. Later on, they decided to bring her to a sanctuary.

Bubbles enjoy his new home and manage to become friends with almost every animal in the sanctuary. Her strong determination to escape her previous situation has paid off.

The incredible story of Bubbles teaches us to become helpful when someone is in need. Whether a human or animal, always show a good act of kindness.

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Brave little pig escapes a truck to save her life