Brave Pittie recognizes her sibling’s distress – formulates a rescue plan

Recently, a couple in South Africa witnessed how their rescued dog could work as a rescuer when the situation asks for it. Byron and Melissa were out on an appointment. When they returned, they knew something serious had happened in their absence when they saw one of their dogs’ Chucky’s head was wet.

They checked their security camera footage and were in for a significant shock in their lives. It was a heart-wrenching moment for the couple when they saw how their dog, Chucky, fell into their swimming pool.

Soon they noticed that their Pitbull, Jessie appeared near the swimming pool and kept following Chucky. The poor dog kept swimming in the water, trying to stay afloat, while Jessie followed the dog, ensuring that Chucky didn’t drown.

Jessie hated water very much. While Chucky swam in the pool, water was splashed on Jessie, which she didn’t like. She kept moving back to avoid getting wet. Nonetheless, Jessie didn’t stop following little Chucky. The couple felt proud of Jessie when they saw that she refused to leave Chucky alone and went around the pool with him.

Chucky was 13-year-old and seeing him swim for so long broke the owners’ hearts. Jessie tried to gently grip Chucky to pull him out of the swimming pool. She tried to grab Chucky’s ears and the hair several times but in vain. Every time she pulled Chucky out of the water, he went right back in.

After multiple attempts, Jessie finally managed to pull her sibling out of the swimming pool. The poor dog swam in the water for more than 34 minutes. Melissa was delighted by the way Jessie saved Chucky.

Chucky and Jessie were OK after the freak accident. The couple was really grateful for how Jessie saved her sibling. She also received a bravery award from the rescue center where Byron and Melissa adopted Jessie.

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Brave Pittie recognizes her sibling\'s distress – formulates a rescue plan