This Brave Soldier Gets the Warmest Welcome! Reuniting with Their Long-Lost Dad Left Me in Tears!

Usually people are the ones that are thrown surprise parties. They walk into a dark room, suddenly the lights are thrown on and “SURPRISE!” It makes them feel welcome and loved. But what if the situation was different? What if it was a pet… or three… that got the surprise instead of the human. How would that go? This video show exactly what occurs.

A mommy lets her three dogs, Burt, Amy, and Jasmine out of the kitchen into the living room… where they find their soldier daddy, who has been away for a long time. The dogs are ecstatic, one of them so much that he tackles his daddy like a defensive lineman wrapping up a quarterback for a sack. They are ALL over him, licking his face and showing him so much love. If they could talk, they’d be saying, “DADDY’S HOME!” over and over.

Pets miss their parents as much as humans do. There’s a strong bond between them. It’s bad enough when it’s one day. Soldiers can be deployed for months to years at a time. That’s a lot of time within one pet’s life. Imagine this soldier was gone for three of a dog’s 12 years of life. That’s (does math on fingers) … a quarter of their life! Sadly, pets do not live as long, so any time lost can be heartbreaking.

Everyone’s happy here… possibly just for now. I’m hoping that the reunion was not too brief, that he got to stay for a while before having to go back overseas. Sadly, the time can pass by much faster than we can imagine. Burt, Amy, and Jasmine surely spent as long as they could by their daddy’s side. They may have even jumped into his bed too. If he did leave, surely they could content themselves looking forward to another reunion.

The room got dusty for me when I saw this. How about you? Leave a comment below!