This Brave Soldier Rescued A Dog That Had Been Run Over, Right From The Side Of The Road!

A dog survived a car accident and had a second chance at life thanks to one woman’s very keen and quick reactions, and selfless dedication to helping those in need. A very stunning German Shepherd dog was hit by a car on a busy highway, and was left on the side of the road to die. That would have been his fate, if it wasn’t for a brave soldier who happened to drive by the scene and noticed the pup being hurt and in very much pain. She rushed to help him, and thanks to him, he was able to recover just fine!

The dog was almost hidden in the side of the highway, and it was impressive that the soldier was able to see him, let alone have the determination and love for service to help him out and save his life. After he was taken to the hospital, they realized he had several broken bones, and in order to fully heal, they would have to make sure the procedure was done in the most flawless way possible.

After surviving all of that, that dog is a real Trooper! Watch his amazing full story on the video right below.

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