This Brave Young Girl Rescues A Puppy. When You See Them Together, You’ll Be In TEARS!

Even though this girl is only seven, her heart is already that of a very mature adult. Even at such a young age, she already volunteered on an animal rescue mission, in New Jersey, where she is from. While she was there, she helped out a little puppy and quickly fell in love with him, but sadly, they told her that she couldn’t keep the poor little thing. She even had already gave her a name, Lorelai. You can see her heart-melting story in the video we featured just below.

In the video, Elizabeth, the brave girl with a heart of gold, says that she really likes to help others, and that she really liked the puppy that she met, and she would’ve loved to give her a new home herself.  The video was recorded on Meredith Vieira’s TV show, and the famous show host had a surprise ready for the cute little girl. She wanted to give Lorelai to Elizabeth so that she could keep her, and when they finally meet, the little girl can’t help but tear up immediately. When you watch the clip, you’ll probably tear up just the same!

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