Brazilian Woman Grows Up Stuck In Body Of Baby. You’ll Never Guess Why It Happened.

It seems like something from one of those science fiction shows like “The Twilight Zone”, where a grown person could be stuck in the body of a baby. When you see this video here, you could even imagine Rod Serling doing the introduction: “This seems like a normal baby. She gurgles, coos, and even crawls around. Do not be fooled – what you see is a 35-year old woman trapped in the body of a baby. Learn how all this happened… in The Twilight Zone.”

Well, this whole thing is true… a Brazilian woman name Maria Audete de Nasciemento is 30-something years old, but thanks to hypothyroidism, her physical growth has not gone past that of a nine-month old baby. Because of her family’s poverty, she missed the window for early treatment by a large margin. Her birth mother died, and her father remarried. His new wife considered her as a “Gift from God”, so she just kept caring for her as if she were a permanent baby.

Had the people at the University of Ceara Facility of Medicine not found out about her situation, she might have lived out the rest of her life like this. They managed to get her to a facility where she started getting much-needed treatment to try to jump-start her growth. Apparently, she started growing hair pretty quickly and even started walking around with the help of a cane.

Every country has its problems with health care, and de Nasciemento fell through the cracks of the Brazilian system pretty quickly. It’s fortunate that she was discovered and got help. I wonder if she would go through an accelerated growth – that would seem painful if bones started stretching really quickly. I don’t know how I would feel if I was a baby one day and woke up with a teenager’s body the next. Talk about growing pains .

Can you imagine life like this? I wonder if this woman realized what was going on or if she just never progressed mentally either? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and please “Like” us on Twitter.

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