Breathtaking bridal entrance evokes every fairytale wedding

Every bride dreams of a lavish wedding like the ones pictured in movies. The setting and location are crucial elements of a beautiful wedding day. Perhaps no other setting is as fantastic as the ‘Palais Garnier’ in Paris, France. This location truly makes for a dream wedding.

A Bentley limousine pulls up in front of the majestic opera house. The groom walks out as the camera follows him, entering the front doors across a red carpet. He enters the opera house built in 1861 under the leadership of Emperor Napoleon III.

He walks up the fabulous staircase that splits into two directions while guests take pictures from the balcony. Each railing is lined with beautiful flowers as he waits at the top of the steps receiving applause.

Dramatic Lebanese music plays as he awaits his bride. She is in the lobby and slowly enters, following a group of children ballet dancers. The dancers outline a projected image on the floor or the couple’s initials.

Once the dancers line the steps, the bride begins her ascent. She is covered in a veil with a long flowing gown covering the entire staircase. Her father greets the groom and hands off his daughter.

The groom uncovers his bride’s veil and starts placing the ring on her hand right away. She puts the ring on his hand, and they wave to the audience on the balcony.

No words are exchanged as they climb the second flight of stairs with the ballerinas behind them. They proceed down the incredible hallways leading to the reception, where guests await with cameras ready. The ceilings are adorned with gold, and it is a sight taken directly from a fairytale.

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Breathtaking bridal entrance evokes every fairytale wedding