Breathtaking Trail Camera Captures Bears, Lions & More

In what could be the best trail camera footage ever, the 2021 Swan Valley Wildlife group captures incredible animals in the wild. The compilation video is being celebrated by commenters who can’t get over the stunning HD images.

In the footage, we see two bears swimming in a pond in the middle of the forest. They shake off their bodies and follow each other out of view. One is the mama, and the other is the cub.

Next, a mountain lion stops to admire a tree and makes some wild noises. Then, we see a giant black bear scratching their back along the bark of a tall, skinny tree, and he’s shaking the whole thing to get relief.

A wolf waits in the vast plains of grass, listening for a call from a fellow wolf. There are even snowy scenes too, as two young mountain lions walk through the white forest in silence.

A deer walks through the forest of snow, quietly searching for food. A majestic hawk swoops down to the corpse of an animal on the ground, and a bear follows the hawk in search of food as well.

In one of the cutest clips, two bear cubs try to climb a tree, and it looks like they are playing hide and seek, each peeking out from behind the tree. There are even humans spotted as they take their dog for a walk through the rainy woods. A gray wolf and its babies lay in the grass. Then, they follow their leader through the woods.

In perhaps the best moment, a doe gets its nose right up on the camera, and even appears to be looking into it. The doe seems to know what’s going on, and she enjoys being the star of the show. This footage is truly remarkable.

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Breathtaking Trail Camera Captures Bears, Lions & More