Breeder Tries To Put A Husky Puppy To Sleep Moments After He’s Born For A Terrible Reason

When a person starts thinking of getting a pet, the most logical step is going to their local pet store. They have trained personnel who can guide the new owner. They consider many things like the size of the yard, if they have kids or not and their lifestyle. After a series of questions, the pet store usually suggests a dog breed for them. If the new owner likes it, he or she takes the pet home and end of story.

Getting a pet at the pet store has its inconveniences. For starters, they don’t usually carry a lot of different breeds. This means that any suggestion will probably come from the breeds they have at the pet store at the time. They try to carry the most popular breeds, but it’s not enough. There is also a difference between the breed the owner wants and the one he can have.

There is also another factor. Many new owners know very little about the breed they want and often make a lot of mistakes. These mistakes lead to accidents for the owners and with other people. Pet stores are not the only source. There are also dog breeders. They usually have a few breeds that they sell, but they become experts in these breeds. They will be able to make recommendations and some of them even offer post-sale consultation services.

For dog breeders, they must undergo a series of steps to get licensed. They must have the right facilities for the dogs they sell, an on-site vet and proper food. They invest a great deal of time and money in getting the best quality pets to sell. There are times when one or more of the puppies are born sick. Sometimes it is a genetic disorder. One of them is called swimmer syndrome.

Puppies born with swimmer syndrome usually display limbs which point to their sides. Dogs with this condition are not able to stand, let alone walk. They try to paddle like turtles, hence the name. For most breeders, the easiest solution is putting them to sleep. They won’t be able to sell them, so putting them to sleep is very logical.

An all-white Siberian husky with this condition was born to a breeder. He scheduled the pet to be put to sleep. A woman named Gina found out and wanted to help. She was trained in a type of medical electrotherapy. She stepped in to make sure the little puppy, Casper got all the love and attention he needed. She started the therapy the very first day. The next day she woke up and checked on him. When she saw him, she was shocked!