He Sings With No Instruments, No Background Music. Just His Voice and It’s Stunning!

Country Music ChristmasFamous country music crooner, Brett Eldredge, has the perfect way to get us all into the holiday spirit. He released a superb acapella version of the classic Christmas carol, “The First Noel”. The setting for his video clip is inside a magnificent church, all aglow with a myriad of candles lending an almost magical atmosphere.

The candles give off a golden glow, and the winter staging sets the scene. At first, the empty church is hushed until Eldredge’s warm, mellow voice begins to fill it with the well-known lyrics.

The First Noel - CandlesThe singer-songwriter from Illinois related that it was one of the rawest performances of his life. He told how his feelings about Christmas resonated with the song’s lovely message of peace and togetherness.

Eldredge revealed that he has a strong affinity for Christmas music. He said the music always takes him back to that warm, fuzzy feeling he experienced at Christmastime when he was a child.

He has added five new songs to his holiday album, including this version of “The First Noel”, and “A Holly Jolly Christmas.”

Watch the video clip and relive your memories of what Christmas meant to you as a child.

What a magnificent video. The church is beautiful and such a calming setting for a fantastic song and voice!!!

He Sings With No Instruments, No Background Music. Just His Voice and It\'s Stunning!