These Wedding Crashers Just Want to Sweeten up The Dance

So much work goes into planning a wedding. So many things need to come together at the same time. Picking and saving a date, finding a hall, booking a band or DJ, catering, flowers, chair covers, colors, in-laws, and it all has to come together smoothly. After all of that planning and watching your hard-earned money go into such a big and important day, imagine what it would be like to have crashers show up.

As you are about to see, though, not all wedding crashers are created equally. The newlyweds were in for the surprise of a lifetime when a group of uninvited men showed up to their wedding.


Unlike your usual everyday wedding crasher, these guys did NOT show up to make off with the bridesmaids or to take advantage of the open bar. Why? Because it was none other than Adam Levine and the rest of the popular rock/pop band Maroon 5.

The band decided to stop at a few weddings and shock everyone with an absolutely amazing and unscripted performance. Below you are going to see this unbelievable footage. Judging from the bride’s expressions, I am pretty sure these wedding crashers were more than welcome.

These Wedding Crashers Just Want to Sweeten up The Dance