Bride and groom stand at the altar. Suddenly, the priest tells them to move to one side.

A wedding is one of the nicest celebrations one can attend. Do you like attending weddings? I do. A wedding is the biggest celebration of commitment there is. How do you know that the person you are marrying is the right person for you? Is there a way of knowing? Some tips, hints, anything? I didn’t know, so I asked a few couples that had managed to stay together for a long time and this is what they told me.

The most important thing to have is patience. Patience for people who are not married nor have any kids is a difficult concept to grasp. Patience is developed through the years. It is accepting people for who they are and what they are. I have lived with my wife for a little over 10 years, and I can say that nothing teaches you patience, more than marriage.

It is not that my wife is difficult. We are just different, and that’s where the issues arise. When a person is so different from you in upbringing, goals, etc., you are bound to encounter some rocks around the road. So, how do you overcome all these? Taking some time to think about the issues helps. There are things that will not be able to be solved right away.

You may have to wait for a couple of these, but patience occurs when despite all the issues that you might need to solve, you can find time to share together despite your differences. People say that love is unselfish, and this is also true. If you are to be together forever, there cannot be any cases in which the benefit for the family comes after personal gains.

The truth is that there is no secret recipe for long-lasting love. It all boils down to each person and how far he or she is willing to yield in arguments and differences in opinion for the sake of marriage. My parents have been together for a little over 40 years. They’ve had their differences of opinion, but they have always treated each other with love and respect.

The next video features not one, but three couples. One of them is the couple who is getting married that day. The other two couples are the bride and groom’s parents. The priest is saying a few words for the new couple when he does something that’s completely out of the ordinary. He calls the new couple and tells them to stand on one side. Then he calls the couple’s parents and says this!