Bride knows best friend’s dad will pass away soon. What she does at wedding leaves everyone in tears

When a person is diagnosed with cancer it takes a toll on the whole family. Cancer is a very scary word. Once you get diagnosed you know you are either going to be a survivor or a statistic. Depending on how early the cancer is diagnosed, are your chances to survive. Surviving cancer is one of the greatest triumphs a human being can have.

An early diagnosis is your best bet. There is a wide range of tests that can detect it. Once it has been detected a patient will go through chemo and specialized medication. Some people are fortunate enough that the cancer is detected and cleared off their bodies. They are cancer-free and can go back to their normal lives. The worst thing is left behind them and their families are relieved.

Other people do not have the same luck. They also go through a tiring process of chemo. There are many sessions that they must endure. After those sessions, they are tested again to see if their cancer has been eliminated. It is and they go back to their lives. Shortly after, they find out that their cancer has come back. This is devastating for the patients. Many of them are not able to beat cancer a second time.

For Jessica Otto’s father, it was one of those cases. He had been diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time. The prognosis was not looking good. He asked the doctors how long they thought he might live. The doctor said he would live for one month, maybe two. Jessica and her father were stunned. They accepted fate because there really wasn’t anything else they could do.

Jessica was invited to her friend’s wedding. Jessica and bride-to-be Micahela Cook-Yotts had been close friends for many years. When Micahela heard about Jessica’s ‘s father, she wanted to do something for them. She understood that they would not have that special moment for themselves. She asks Jessica if she would like to participate in a special father-daughter dance at her wedding, “Deep down I knew it wasn’t in the cards for us,” Jessica said. She happily agreed and got all excited about it.

The plan is not to tell her father and make it a surprise. The wedding day comes and their names are announced. It is obvious that Jessica’s father knows what is going on. The three of them share a very special dance. When they are done, there isn’t a dry eye left. Very touching.