Bride is ready to dance – Crowd cheers on as the groom approaches dressed like Patrick Swayze

Everyone loves weddings. They are a celebration not only for the bride and groom but for everyone who attends. Weddings are special because of the atmosphere they have. Everyone is happy and in a mood to share. The bride and groom have their whole lives ahead of them. They have both received a lot of advice in preparation for this moment. For the father of the bride, this is a difficult moment. Even though he tries to fake it, letting go of his daughter is a very difficult thing to do. It is very difficult for all fathers.

So, weddings are more than just formal celebrations of two people falling in love. They are also celebrations of trust, of letting go and making plans. Of learning to live without your daughter in your life and to realize that life is full of cycles. Getting married is only one of them. Participating in the wedding is just the first part, the more important part is planning the whole wedding.

Planning a wedding gives the new couple and their families a chance to solve problems as a team. They can show their family and friends how well they work together. It lets them display their creativity and balance in their lives. The following couple thought that they needed to add a nice little twist to their wedding. You won’t guess what it is.

This couple feels that by adding something different into the mix, they are not only making it different but also showing everyone including themselves, how compatible they are. The wedding preparation is stressful enough by itself. Why add something else that can bring more problems? The answer is simple: they are in love.

The part of the wedding they want to spice up is their dance. Most weddings bring very formal attire for the bride and groom. The bride is dressed in an elegant white dress. She often wears fancy shoes and luxurious jewelry. For the groom, the gold-standard is to dress in a tuxedo. The ceremony is often very formal. Everyone is very serious and some of them are also nervous. This is definitely not what Asia and Maciek want for their wedding. They will write a new chapter in how first-dances are carried out. The result is absolutely amazing.

Asia decides to change the floor-length dress for an elegant but simpler white dress. She ditches her high-heels for some dance-ready flats. Maciek also goes for a more practical look. Out goes the tux and in come dark jeans and a black polo. This may seem like a very odd choice for wardrobe at your own wedding. When the couple begins their first dance, it becomes obvious why they have made the changes. Creative and spectacular!