Bride’s dad dies before the wedding. Everyone is shocked when her brother shows the surprise

Getting married is one of the most exciting times for bride, groom and their families. There are so many things to prepare for that it’s no wonder that the soon-to-be-married couple sometimes feels that they’re losing their mind. Depending on how much time you must get everything ready, it’s how much stress you will have. Many couples opt to hire a wedding planner.

Being a wedding planner is a great career choice for people who have many good organizational skills and a few contacts don’t hurt either. It started as a way for young professionals or students to make some extra money, by outsourcing every aspect of the wedding and overseeing everything. For them, getting this kind of experience helps them make connections that will help them further ahead.

For couples, this option is great as it takes away all the stress involved with taking care of every single detail. For most people, getting married is something they are planning to do only once, this makes every aspect of it uncharted territory. Having a wedding planner who does this daily is comforting to them. The first meeting, the couple gives the planner an idea of how they want their wedding to be, and get an idea of how much it will cost them. This helps them make adjustments along the way and foresee any possible complications.

As the wedding date approaches, the bride and groom can focus only on getting ready for the wedding and adding the finishing touches. Maybe making a few changes here and there or adding some more people to the wedding list. Overall, the feeling that both bride and groom share is the excitement and anticipation of the big day.

Other people go for the old fashion way. They figure that they will only get married once (hopefully), and they want to be involved in every single detail. For a bride in the next video, that’s exactly what she wanted. She had been waiting for the day that her boyfriend would pop the question. When he did, she was ecstatic. They had made plans for that special day, and one of the most important things would be for the bride’s father to be there.

Unfortunately, the bride’s father passed away just a few months before the wedding. He would leave a void which would be impossible to fill. The bride’s brother felt very sorry that his father would not be there to do the final dance with her little girl. He found a way to make his father be with his daughter on that special day. So, once the time for the dance came, he announced to everyone that there was a surprise he had for the bride. When he revealed it, there was not a single dry eye left in the room!