This bridge is so terrifying, it gives people panic attacks!

Out of the many phobias that are out there, which is the one you have? My thing has always been a fear of heights. For some reason, this is something that I have struggled with throughout all my life. For some reason, I have not been able to get over it. And the most ironic thing is, that both of my brothers love heights. The oldest would routinely jump off planes during his stay in the Army. The other is just an adrenaline junkie, so he would jump off as well, ride hot-air balloons, and many other things just for the thrill of it.

I have tried many things to get over this fear, but have not been successful. The first thing I did was watch an episode where they taught people to overcome their fears and phobias. There was a guy who was afraid of snakes. What they did was get him to be in the same room with one, without touching or seeing the snake. These ‘sessions’ would last about 15 minutes.

During the first of these sessions, the man would be sitting in a room with the snake in a bag on the other side. The guy was told there was a snake in the room but was not given a description or size of it. The snake never left the bag. During that time, he was asked why he had this fear of snakes and he said that it was because of an episode he lived as a small child. He had gone camping with his family and gotten lost. When he was trying to get back to camp, he encountered a rattlesnake and just froze. Someone found him and took him to safety, but he would never recover from the shock.

The next day, they featured a guy with a fear of heights. This was the episode I would be interested in. His fear was so severe, that he could not even get on an elevator. For the first day of therapy, he was taken to the top of a building. He chose to be blindfolded on his way up. He got to the roof of a building and he sat in the middle of it with his head down.

The man in charge of the experiment would ask him to raise his sight and look up to the sky. This would help ease the stress a little and get him more comfortable in such a setting. Then, he would be asked to look around to see the city from that angle, remember, the man is still sitting in the middle of the roof. The man started getting more and more comfortable. For the next day, he made the progress of standing up and even walking around. By the final day, he could walk about 3 feet from the edge. This process was very therapeutic and helped him lose a little bit of the fear.

Well, many of the people on the next video would certainly use this type of therapy. They are commuters in a city in the United States and need to cross one of the most frightening bridges in the world. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge which is in Maryland, offers its commuters a very nice view. The experience of crossing it has been described as horrific by many people. You’ll be the judge!