Brighten Your Day Instantly With These Puppies, Puppies, And More Puppies! So CUTE!

You’re about to meet all these cute and adorable puppies. We have small breeds and large breeds and medium breeds, something for everyone, although I know most of us would love them all!

The same tenet was employed by several colleges and universities that arranged for puppies to be brought on campus to comfort those students who were overly shocked and traumatized by the recent presidential election results. Not only did they prepare puppies of all sizes, there were also kittens for the few Muslim students who are culturally disinclined against dogs. Bravo to their thoughtfulness!

This clip is the apotheosis of short and sweet – only one minute long but it’s absolutely packed with puppies in their most adorable moments. One can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy all over from watching it.

We have a golden retriever puppy and a black Labrador puppy running in the field, already showing glimpses of their future power and grace. Just when you thought all large breed puppies are shown in this way, we see a chubby husky pup in its laziest and cutest pose, yeow!

There is also a contemplative springer spaniel pup and a super alert Jack Russell pup and a poodle pup acting sweet, and a shaggy black pup participating in agility drill with zest! Sorry about the lack of identification on the latter. I admit that I’m partial to large dogs and for that reason all small dogs look the same to me.

Last but not least, when you see those beagle pups in a metal tub? It’s all over but they’ll make you fall in love first.

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