They Bring Home Their Newborn For The First Time. Now Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Of The Dog…

Bringing a new baby into your family is a big deal, with a lot of added complications. Especially for Mark and his wife, who brought home their new daughter to a pair of adorable, sweet boxers.

While many people would be hesitant of bringing a baby into a home with large dogs, Mark does everything right. By the end of the video, the happy family is all together for the first time!

Mark is clearly very protective of his daughter, and he should be! Dogs, especially large ones, can attack at any time, and while these attacks may not harm adults that much or that often, small babies are especially vulnerable to any kind of violence.

Luckily for this family, boxers are a sweet and loyal breed that will fight off anyone trying to attack someone or something it loves.

First Mark allows 5-year-old Macey and 1-year-old Vanda to smell his daughter’s blanket, then he takes the dogs in one at a time to meet their new baby sister.

At first the dogs seem totally confused by the new baby in their living room, but most important of all, they are gentle – treating her like one of them own right off the bat.

Eventually the family is comfortable enough to bring both the dogs in at the same time, coming together to form an adorable, happy family. These dogs are going to protect her forever.

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