They Bring This Miniature Horse To Meet A Sick Child. Watch What The Horse Does…

Lots of research has been done about the positive effects animals can have on the health of people with illnesses, and there aren’t many things as precious as watching an animal comforting children in need. The video you’re about to see show a very special organization called Our Children’s House in Baylor. They have a special team of rather unique horses that give love, companionship, and joy to the children. who need it the most.

Tristan the miniature horse is the star of this next clip. He comes to help a child named Logan by giving him some love and affection at a time when he needs it the most. Logan had cancer and was receiving chemotherapy which had some serious side effects and made him feel pretty bad. He was having a difficult time, and then Tristan came along to bring him some happiness and joy.

Full size horses are also great therapy animals, but imagine how delighted Logan must have been when he saw a tiny and adorable horse coming through his hospital door! The surprise shows on his face. Logan was feeling tired and sad, but just seeing the tiny horse and petting him made Logan light up. The horse knows exactly how to make Logan feel better by giving him a few gentle pats on his feet and even some kisses. The effort that Our Children’s House puts into making these children feel better is amazing.

Watch how this therapy horse changes a boy’s life.

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