She Brings An Orphaned Baby Elephant Into Her Home. Wait Till You See Him On The Sofa! OMG!

Imagine finding an elephant stranded out in the wilderness. That’s what African rangers did and they brought Moyo, a baby elephant who was washed away trying to cross a river with his herd, to Roxy Danckwerts, who shelters abandoned animals like ostriches, giraffes, and even cheetahs. But Moyo has been both her biggest source of joy and also her biggest challenge… literally.

Moyo is smitten with Roxy. He follows her all around her home in Zimbabwe, which was cute when he was younger. Now he’s bigger and is quite adept at making a mess. We see him knock over nearly everything in her house – not maliciously, he’s just very curious and his trunk wants to grab anything in sight. One downer though – he does pee all over her floor. She takes it with good grace.

There’s something jarring about seeing an elephant standing on a sofa. If I came home and saw that, I’d immediately go to a clinic to be drug-tested since I’d be sure that someone slipped a hallucinogen into something I ate or drank. Having an elephant as a pet would be amazing, but I’d be worried about feeding them…. I’m already visualizing what my grocery bills will be like when my son becomes a teenager, so imagine what the cost of feeding an elephant would be?

Moyo is so lucky that Roxy found him. Who knows what might have happened if he had remained out in the wild? Since he was a smaller elephant at the time, he probably would have been a predator’s food source. He’s getting large now. If Roxy wants to get another sofa for Moyo to sit on, she’d probably be best served to have one made of concrete outside. That might be able to withstand Moyo’s weight as he gets bigger.

How cool is this? I want to be walking around and have a giraffe come up to me. There are no giraffes in my area. No elephants, either. Oh well. Have you had any experiences with animals like this? Feel free to tell us all about it in the comments section!

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