Britain’s Got Talent dancing dog sensation, watch him groove and move that body!

Talent isn’t hard or easy to come by. There are some things that we are all good at and others we find we could stand to brush up a bit. It may not always be something you were “born to do,” but when you find something that speaks to your mind, body, and soul it really shows in the performance. I know that with many different things in life, they won’t get better if you do nothing. When you see how hard a mom and her dog-daughter must’ve worked to achieve their goals and dreams, through perspiration and hard work, it will send you soaring!

Chandi has an amazingly cute look about her. When we first get introduced, she’s brought on stage for the show Britain’s Got Talent. I can’t imagine how unsure and/or unsettling that must’ve been. Only dancing with mom for so long, maybe getting a few small crowds prior, to stepping on stage to a boatload of audience members ready for entertainment and excitement. As they all swoon over the precious dear, it doesn’t seem to greatly affect Chandi’s performance. She steps in time to the rhythm with mom and really goes all out.

The audience swoons with “Aw’s” and astonishment, as history is unveiled before their very eyes. The dancing duo puts on quite the show and seems to knock ‘em dead. When you see the reactions the audience and judges has for this powerfully talented duo, you’ll be overcome with tears of joy.

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