British artist roams beneath the water using her underwater wheelchair

British artist with underwater wheelchair

People with disabilities always find themselves helpless and not capable of doing things that they love. However, when you look on the brighter side, there is always hope, no matter how challenging the situation seems.

Thankfully, there are many inspirational individuals that disabled people can look up to whenever they are anxious and sad about their situation. Apparently, those inspiring people can also give them hope to fight and thrive.

One of the most inspiring personalities that can encourage those physically challenged individuals worldwide is this British artist. Sue Austin has been a paraplegic for more than 20 years already.

British artist with underwater wheelchair

However, her disability never became a significant hindrance to achieving her dreams. In fact, it has become a big stepping stone for her to become successful.

Her amazing video of diving using an underwater wheelchair has captured the hearts of many viewers online. It also opens the eyes of many that even if they are having tough challenges, it’s not an excuse to achieve your dreams.

Aside from that, it also creates an awareness that no one should ever underestimate the ability of those physically challenged individuals. Thus, respect and understanding is the best way to treat them.

That underwater wheelchair might be one of the greatest inventions that we’ve ever seen. Still, Austin’s heart and perseverance are the greatest motivation that we could get on her video.

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