British Veterinarian Is Called In To Save Baby Fox. How He Handles It Is Just Perfect.

Being on call to rescue animals is rough. You could be called into action at any moment, and since many of these animals are wild, you will need all of your faculties to be able to conduct your business. Otherwise, either you or the animal could get hurt. That’s a no-win situation for everyone involved. Fortunately, the man who is the star of this video is quite experienced and easily handles the situation.

If you want someone from central casting for a British veterinarian, Dr. Simon Cowell (No, the American Idol/X-Factor host does NOT have a duel career), fits that bill perfectly. He’s got the cool accent and apparently, nothing bothers him. We find him driving to a children’s hospital, where a baby fox has fallen in a hole between two stairwells near the hospital. Its cries are keeping kids up, and these sick kids need sleep… so here’s Dr. Cowell.

Cowell is cooler than the other side of your pillow. He’s totally unfazed by the fact that this fox is stuck in a hole next to a hospital. He’s seen this a million times already. “OK. It’s time for something from page 493 of Dr. Cowell’s rescue playbook.” OK, he doesn’t really say this, but I could imagine him thinking it as he prepares to lower himself into the hole, with a crate for the baby fox.

The thing about wild animals is that they are unpredictable. Something that you’ve done 800 times before, they might juke a different way this time. Fortunately for Dr. Cowell, that doesn’t happen. After a little bit of maneuvering, he manages to get the fox into the crate. He climbs back up, walks the crate ahead a little bit from the hole, opens it and watches the baby scurry off into the night, presumably to eventually reunite with mommy. The unruffled Cowell probably then went back home and to sleep.

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