British Woman Spies Her Dog In Icy Waters. Her Next Actions Will Leave Your Jaw Agape.

Imagine that you’re just relaxing somewhere, be it in a coffee shop, a store, a park. You’ve taken your dog with you, but you’ve tied him or her nearby so that you can do your thing for a bit before you head home. This is something you’ve done many times before with nary an incident. All it takes is one time, though. You glance over… and your dog is NOT where you left him or her. Frantically, you look around… and see your dog in dire straits. What do you do?

Well, a woman in West London faces that very dilemma. She is at a café and sees that her dog has wandered off. No, this dog couldn’t do something simple like go to a dog run or just be sniffing another dog’s butt. Instead, he goes into a nearby pond. This wouldn’t be so bad except that it is the winter and the water is freezing, which is NOT good for this pooch. What will this woman do?

She doesn’t even hesitate for a second, throwing off her shoes and tossing an inner tube into the water in nearly one move. Her dog is in deep trouble and she’s going to do all that she can to save him. Delicately, she plants her bottom the center of the tube and then begins paddling towards the dog. Ironically, several men, all of whom look quite able-bodied, are watching her with fascination as she gets closer to the dog.

This goes on for a few more seconds and then she finally reaches the floundering pooch. I wonder how much his hair or fur acted to help stave off possible hypothermia. He doesn’t have the mass or blubber of say, a polar bear, but I would think it would buy him more time than it would a person in the same situation. Eventually, she makes her way to the dog and grabs him and starts to bring him back, so it looks like a happy ending.

What an incredible rescue. This is a resourceful woman. I think that the men should have at least tried to help. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, it would be great if you “Like” us on Facebook.

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