Broken-Hearted Dog Is Reunited With Her Puppies. Result Is Tear-jerking.

When I think of tragic tales, I can pretty much look no further than stories like this. When I first saw the family and the baby pups and all they have gone through, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s so heart wrenching, but to have someone go out of their way to rescue them, that really fills my heart with joy and happiness. These amazingly adaptable pups have gone the distance as far as bad hands handed to them or dealt to them.

The heart-breaking sight of the seven puppies all sick really broke my heart. Being separated from their mother certainly didn’t help, and yet when they finally get reunited again? The reaction is overwhelmingly amazing. The puppies all adorable furry and full of love to give, and yet without their mom they seem to have no one to give it to. Only to each other as they huddle together for warmth, trying to get better by cuddling and touch.

The South African group Sidewalk Specials had found a way for someone to care for the puppies and soon the mother. While the mother was dehydrated, and malnourished initially, it took a lot of work to get her back to 100%. The nurses and doctors at the animal hospital gave the mother a 50/50 chance of survival, and after a day or two of an intravenous drip, she seemed to be back at 100%. She was still heartbroken with the loss of her pups, but when they were finally reunited? The reaction I had brought me to tears.

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