Having Broken Windshield Wipers Isn’t A Problem When You Know How To Improvise

When you encounter a troubling time involving the pain of malfunctioning vehicle parts, it can be hard to come up with a viable solution on the fly. This is especially true when you’re in the middle of bad weather or when something stops working while you’re already out on the road. It can be bad enough having to fix an appliance at home, but when you’re already on the go the struggle becomes another animal entirely.

It pays off to be clever in situations like these. If you can come up with resolutions ahead of time and keep a list of them in your glove compartment along with any of the tools you might need to put those solutions into play, you can do that, but oftentimes we’re hit with unfortunate circumstances when we least expect them. This leaves us with only a few seconds to come up with something brilliant.

Fortunately for the driver in the clip shown down below, there was some awesome brain power in the car working together to come up with something that would successfully replace a windshield wiper. Or, replace it for the time being, that is.

In the middle of heavy rain with no working wipers and a blocked view of the road, these passengers did the only thing they could think of to save themselves from a potentially disastrous situation. You have to see their crazy idea in action. You won’t believe what they thought of!

Have you ever seen something this ridiculous while on the road? In times of trouble, you gotta do what you gotta do, it seems. Don’t forget to share this hysterical video with your family and friends. Maybe you’ll even give them an idea for any future car problems they encounter! Then, leave your thoughts on the clip in the comment section below!