Brooklyn Duo’s Touching Performance of John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’

Cello is known as one of the most romantic instruments known to people. Its spectrum of expression and warmth of timber is a dream to the listener’s ears.

Good music pairs with a heart as good wine does with food. At the right moment and with the right emotion the song becomes magical.

And how else can a song, written as a proclamation of love, be otherwise performed if not by talented musicians that professed love to each other?

Brooklyn Duo is that magical couple of musicians. Their talent and their devotion to each other made a perfect appearance in an emotive ballade written by John Legend.

Legend wrote it as a proclamation of love to his then-girlfriend and now wife Crissy Teigen. It was only appropriate that a song that conveys such genuine emotion also becomes his first number one hit.

That genuine emotion also rubbed off on Marine and Patrick Laird whose evocative and gentle rendition sways and swoons the romantic souls of the world.

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